Twenty Days With The Maya

Twenty Days With The Maya

Event Poster

The Brief:

Design an event poster, tickets, and envelope for a special exhibit at a museum.

The Solution:

I began the research for this project by watching documentaries about the Maya civilization. I learned that dates were important to them and decided to use Maya Glyphs to portray the dates of the event in the design.
I read the book Maya Numbers and the Maya Calender: A Non-Technical Introduction to Maya Glyphs and learned how to create Maya glyphs for the dates of the event which I then created in Illustrator. The number twenty was special because the entire number system was based on this number (our number system is based on the number ten) and the glyph for twenty can be seen on the exhibit tickets and the glyph for one month (20 days on the Mayan calander) can be seen on the event poster.

The Software:

Adobe Illustrator & Adobe InDesign