Comic Book Day

National Comic Book Day

Postage Stamp

The Brief:

Design a postage stamp for National Comic Book Day.

The Solution:

I’m a bit of a self-proclaimed nerd and have always been a fan of comic books; so when I got the chance to make a stamp for National Comic Book day I was a little more than excited. The hardest part was keeping myself from going overboard since I wanted to include all my favorite comics and characters.
After getting over my initial exhilaration I decided that I wanted to give the stamps the feel of an nostalgic, classic comic without using any characters. This led me to the wonderful world of action word illustrating. I also chose a primary color palette that was reminiscent of classic comic books.
All the necessary information that needed to be included on the stamp was easily organized into text boxes set on top of the graphics, which is reminiscent
of comic book layouts.

The Software:

Adobe InDesign