Jack “O” Lanterns

Jack “O” Lanterns


The Brief:

Design the packaging for a fictional cereal.

The Solution:

This project was a pleasant flashback to my childhood and what made breakfast time great. As a child I remember enjoying looking at the characters on the box and loved when I could play a hidden picture or word search game on the back.
My goal was to bring those fond memories to this special Halloween time cereal package. I started with the happy pumpkin character, this lead me to my orange and purple color pallet. I was able to use varying shades of purple to create a “spooky” background; complete with haunted house, bats, and a full moon.
For the back of the box I continued the background image and included a “Spooky Fun” word search. Also on the back are instructions for putting together the toy bat included inside the box.

The Software:

Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign