Love Them

Converse All Star


The Brief:

Create an advertisement for Converse shoes that can be used in magazines or in store posters.

The Solution:

One of my favorite brands of shoes are Converse and I wanted my love for the brand to show in this piece. I played with my daughters first pair of shoes, which of course were converse, and came up with the heart shaped laces. I then photographed the shoes on black matt board and heightened the texture of the board in Photoshop.
I then used a simple repetitive layout circled around the Converse logo which helps to reinforce the simple tag line “Love Them”. The use of baby shoes also assists in bringing multiple meanings to the tag line since customers not only love the brand Converse, they love a certain pair of Converse and they love the people they buy the shoes for.

The Software:

Adobe Photoshop